Foundation Certifications

& Inspections


Please email to arrange an inspection date/time.

Please include:

    • the address of the property to be inspected

    • type of loan

    • person to contact for access to property

    • whether payment will be made at time of service, or in escrow

Our fees are based on travel time (from the office) + $200 flat fee for the certification. Click on "Cost" to view the pricing guides.

Things to know before the inspection:

    • FHA and VA require tie-downs

    • All structures (awnings, porches, decks, carports, sheds, etc.) must be free standing (not supported by the house) to meet H.U.D. requirements.

    • Please make sure all access panels to underneath the house are accessible.

    • Please make sure all sides of the house are accessible

    • We will need to take photos of underneath the house and of all the exterior sides of the house.


(The vendor and installers are independent from us and are listed as examples.)


Greg Foster NW Mobile Home Supply

4709 NE 148th Suite #8, Portland, OR 97230

(503) 255-5533

If you are looking for tie-down installers, here is a list of Oregon based contractors.

All of Oregon

Willamette Valley Region

Oregon Coast

Examples of Proper Tie-Downs